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Metal Picture Frame Security Lock Installation Instructions

Step 1. Mounting Brackets

Frames by mail security assembly instructions

Attach the mounting brackets to the wall with the screws provided. If you can get them in studs, do so, otherwise use the anchors if necessary. Make sure they are level.

Step 2. Preparing Wall Screw Locations

Frames by mail floater assembly step 2

Hang picture on mounting brackets and mark the locations for the T screw. It goes at the bottom of the frame in the middle.

Step 3. Installing the T Screws

Frames by mail security assembly step 3

Insert the T screw into the wall leaving about 1/4 inch sticking out. Use the anchors if necessary.

Step 4. Hang on the wall.

Frames by mail security assembly step 4

Slide the picture back on the hanging clips so the T screw rests in the bottom section of the frame channel.

Take the Security Key and engage it on the neck of the T screw. Turn the T screw until it lock in to the metal frame channel. Your picture is now firmly attached to the wall!

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