Design a 2-1/8" Flat Black MDF With Bevel Lip Wood frame

Design a custom picture frame: Choose any size, upload your favorite pictures, select a backing, plexiglass and up to three mat layers, all of which can be custom cut to your exact needs.

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2-1/8" Flat Black Mdf With Bevel Lip

2-1/8" Flat Black Mdf With Bevel Lip Wood picture frame

2-1/8" Flat Black Mdf With Bevel Lip

4100-75 molding

From $1.35 per unified inch. (Unified inches are frame width plus height).

  • This frame has a maximum size of 72 united inches.
  • This frame is 2.13" thick.
  • You may use 3 mats with this frame.

Matte black flat picture frame with a bevel lip. 2 -1/8 inch wide picture frame moulding having a bevel lip to enhance your artwork or photo. The bevel lip offers a simple eye movement to show off your prize wall d?cor. This moulding is a must when your room d?cor calls for a simple wide black picture frame moulding.

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*Frames larger than 54 united inches (width plus height), will be shipped in four sections routed at the corners. If plexiglass, backing and/or mats are ordered for the frame it will be shipped joined at the corners.

Unsure how to assembly a picture frame yourself? Checkout our picture frame assembly instructions for wood, valucore and metal frames.

Frames By Mail matting instructions

Please note that you are free to adjust the width of each of the matting margins. The first mat (top mat) will have a 2-inch default margin, and second or third mats are 1/4 inch by default. Press 'Okay' below to close this message and select your mat.

First matting layer options

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Customize the sizing of your matting. On the first mat, the width on each side must be at least 1 3/8"

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*Choosing a new frame will keep your current print but clear your other frame customizations including your frame size, plexiglass, matboard and backing selection.