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Help Center | Environmentally Responsible Products

environmentally responsibile products

Products marked with the preceding logo are Environmentally Responsible Products. About 9 million tons of residual wood each year is generated wood shavings, chips and sawdust. All of which was formerly-wasted trim, ends and other byproducts of wood. Post-consumer and "Urban" wood, such as pallets and construction materials are collected cleaned and milled to uniform-size particles. Excess moisture is removed, and a binder is added. In an automated, computer-controlled process, the combination is then formed under intense heat and pressure. An Environmentally Responsible wood Product is a solid material, with a very smooth, fine-textured surface. It cuts like pine, and readily accepts nails and hangers. Hence this Environmentally Responsible Product is an engineered wood moudling and has a laminated finish. This wood moulding reduces waste, is consistent in its color and finish, and has been created from recycled wood. No deforestation was cause and the world's natural resources were not sacrificed for this wood moulding. Environmentally Responsible Products by nature of the process are less inclined to warp, twist or bend.

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