Frames By Mail custom packs each and every order. We go to great length to ensure your Frames will arrive to you in perfect condition. Our shipping rates include cost of custom packaging materials, labor, and transportation fees.

A note about our packaging and the environment... While our packaging may not be pretty, it's helping the environment. It's been designed to do what packaging is supposed to do, which is get your package to you undamaged with as little waste as possible. Our Packaging is plain brown cardboard as opposed to the bleach white packaging that adds bleach and dye waste to the environment. We also try to reuse any cardboard materials that come to us on freight lines. These materials are usually in "like new" condition. Please join us in helping the Earth by recycling your packaging material once you receive them. Unfortunately, some packages do get damaged. If this happens, please contact customer service immediately.

If you still have questions, comments or just need help ordering, you may always contact us at any time.