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3 1/2" Walnut/gold Bead Poly

3 1/2" Walnut/gold Bead Poly Valucore picture frame

3 1/2" Walnut/gold Bead Poly

1400-55 molding

From $4.14 per unified inch. (Unified inches are frame width plus height).

  • This frame has a maximum size of 72 united inches.
  • This frame is 3.5" thick.
  • You may use 3 mats with this frame.

The 3 1/2" Walnut/Gold Bead Poly Picture Frame is a striking addition to our Wood Tones Poly collection. It elegantly combines the warmth of walnut with timeless gold bead accents, resulting in a blend of classic charm and opulence. Crafted from valucore material, this frame boasts dimensions of 3.5 inches in width and 1 inch in height, providing a substantial presence that transforms your cherished artwork into a focal point of beauty and sophistication.

The walnut finish, with its rich and inviting tones, enhances the frame's natural beauty and evokes a sense of tradition and warmth. The gold bead detailing adds a touch of distinction, creating an engaging platform for your art to shine. With a 0.5-inch rabbet depth, your artwork is securely cradled and beautifully presented, allowing it to captivate with its beauty and significance.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this frame is built with durability in mind. The 0.5-inch rabbet depth ensures that your artwork is not only beautifully presented but also protected from dust and damage. The frame is designed to last, offering a reliable and elegant solution for preserving and showcasing your treasured art.

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*Frames larger than 54 united inches (width plus height), will be shipped in four sections routed at the corners. If plexiglass, backing and/or mats are ordered for the frame it will be shipped joined at the corners.

Unsure how to assembly a picture frame yourself? Checkout our picture frame assembly instructions for wood, valucore and metal frames.

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Please note that you are free to adjust the width of each of the matting margins. The first mat (top mat) will have a 2-inch default margin, and second or third mats are 1/4 inch by default. Press 'Okay' below to close this message and select your mat.

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