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The Frames By Mail Blog - Your guide to picture frames

Everything you could want or need to know about pictures frames, all in once place - how cool is that? Check out any of our many blog posts about custom picture frames, product evaluations, gift ideas, how-to's, reccomendations and much more!

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5 Surprising Styles for Perfect Custom Poster Frames

January, 22 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

Are you looking for custom poster frames? Poster frames can make your posters stand out to make them look even better and really attract people’s attention. That means you want a poster frame that is more than an ordinary frame. We feature several frames which look great and can help showcase all of your pictures. Our easy wizard will help you make a truly custom poster frame by selecting a precise size, and add options like backing, mat, and Plexi-glass. To make things even easier, we have selected five styles that you might want to consider for your poster frames.Classic Black Wood FrameThis frame is a classic black frame which looks great for all your posters. It would work well with a white mat to draw even more at

Other recent blogs:

January, 15 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

How to Declutter Your House With Picture Frames

How to Declutter Your House With Picture Frames

Decluttering has gained in popularity over the past decade. More and more books and blogs teach you how to go through your home and keep what you want, while getting rid of the things that are unnecessary. Getting rid of the clutter in your home has shown significant effects on your mood and stress levels, but it also makes your house looks nice. But using picture frames, you can achieve all the same things, while also adding a positive element to your home. Below we have lined out four ways that picture frames can help you declutter and the benefits of using a picture frame. Whether it’s getting rid of sports pictures, your old diploma, or memorabilia around a special trip you made, a picture frame is the perfect spot to keep and honor the things you don’t want to get rid off.  Save what matters

January, 08 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

Our 5 most popular oak wood picture frames

Our 5 most popular oak wood picture frames

Wooden picture frames are very popular. The timeless appeal to these frames and the ease with which they blend into most interiors makes them a staple through decades. When it comes to classy woods, oak has a special place among the different woods. This stately hardwood takes a long time to grow and has as much a majesty in the form of wooden boards as a stately oak does in a meadow. In this blog post, we have assembled our five most popular oak wood picture frames. We hope it helps you find your perfect picture frame, and please note that all these entries below are also custom picture frames that will fit any project.#1: Dark Oak High Back This very classic frame leaves no doubt on what kind of f

January, 01 2021 | Bas Boshuizen

5 Frames That Make Amazing Wedding Picture Frames

5 Frames That Make Amazing Wedding Picture Frames

A wedding is one of the biggest events in your life. It’s also the one event that’s most likely to be captured in photographs. There’s just as much of a chance that these pictures will be on your walls forever. Every reason to be as careful about picking your wedding picture frames as you are about picking your photographer. To help you select the best wedding picture frames, we have listed five surprising options below (and a bonus option for more inspiration):A black with gold frameThis black with gold frame is one of the best examples of wedding picture frames .Although a black frame is very classy in itself, this wooden black frame with decorative golden band on the inside of the frame will elevate your weddin

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