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The Frames By Mail Picture Frame Blog

Your guide to picture frames

Everything you could want or need to know about pictures frames, all in once place - how cool is that? Check out any of our many blog posts about custom picture frames, product evaluations, gift ideas, how-to's, reccomendations and much more!

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How to Use Picture Frames to Personalize Your Home Decor

October, 01 2021 | Emily Jasper

Picture frames have been around for ages. We use them to capture and display beautiful moments and images and we cherish them and make them a part of our home’s decor. We even found ways to reinvent them in various ways so the concept can keep up with the modern times and the new trends. Today we’ll look at some interesting ways in which picture frames stand out and improve the beauty of our home’s interior design. You can pretty much find a picture frame for every style and taste. Let’s say you want something minimalist, sleek and glamo

Other recent blogs:

September, 24 2021 | Emily Jasper

Guide to Framed Art in Small Spaces

Guide to Framed Art in Small Spaces

Get the most out of your space and artwork collection with online framing. When it comes to decorating, being efficient with your living space should extend all the way up to your walls. This can require some thought. Too much wall decor can actually make your home look smaller than it actually is. That's why it's crucial to strike a visual balance between framed photos or art and your empty wall space so that your home looks more cozy than cluttered. Here are a few art hanging tips and tricks to maximize your decor even in a small space.1. Keep it SimpleCustom framing is our passion, but not every wall needs to be filled to the brim with a gallery of frames, and too many patterns, colors, or images can overwhelm a room. In this case,

September, 17 2021 | Emily Jasper

7 Creative Ways to Frame Your Pet Photos

7 Creative Ways to Frame Your Pet Photos

How do they do it? Somewhere along the way of digging holes in the garden, chewing up our shoes and jumping on the couch for the 95th time after we told them not to, our pets find their way into our hearts and become a member of ourfamily. Those fur babies are part of our family, and of course they deserve a special spot on our walls with our other kids and loved ones. So, if you’re ready to fetch some looks for your adorable pet, here are some ideas for howl, er… how to frame pet portraits, paintings and more! Colorful Frames for Peppy Puppies Oh, that boundless puppy energy. If you could bottle it up and sell it, you’d make a fine living. When it comes to dog&nbs

September, 10 2021 | Emily Jasper

Framing For Sports Fans

Framing For Sports Fans

The sport or the team may be different, but if there’s one thing that’s the same about all die-hard sports fans, it’s that they love to announce to the world how much they love their team. They wear the jersey.  They fly the flag. They display the team colors. I mean, sometimes they even paint their face (you know fan comes from the word fanatic, right?)  If someone really loves a certain team —regardless of the sport — they’ll make sure everyone knows it, from the hat they might wear to what they might put on their walls. Of course, there are a lot of sports to choose from, too, from the “All American” four — football, basketball, baseball, and hockey — to the sports that seem to be burgeoning in popularity, at least in the United States, such a

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The Art of Banksy Comes to Chicago

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Design and Frame a Custom Photo Collage

July, 24 2021 | John Kelly

How to Hang Picture Frames without Nails

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2021 Picture Frame Trends

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