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Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in October

Our 3 Favorite Blog Posts in October

Published on January, 01 2021 by Bas Boshuizen

With our picture frames, we’re involved in a lot of areas. For example, we are interested in all things to frame and fitting the frames in your home . On our Facebook page, we gather the most interesting information from around the internet to share with our fans. Each month, we assemble the most popular posts in each category and share them on the blog. That means that for October, Vincent van Gogh pops up in a surprising category, the world’s most famous museum teaches you about art, and we find design in small spaces.


While Vincent van Gogh is a world-famous painter, it’s not too strange to tie him to photography. Some people argue that the rise of photography in the second half of the 19th century (the time Van Gogh lived and worked) changed the art of painting. With the technology of photography, people could always take an instant image of what was in front of them. This meant that artists needed to go beyond the superficial and thus went in a more abstract direction. Like a great painting, a good photograph is the result of seeing in a different way. Van Gogh had a unique look on the world, and in this blog post, you can learn how his view can help your photography skills:

Home décor:

A lot of home décor is working with the space you have. In the case of this small home (four people on less than 200 square feet), the arrangements can be very inspiring. And for those counting, this is one of few houses you’ll find that average a picture frame for every 50 sq ft. Check out more about this style here.

Visual arts:

The Louvre is one of the world’s most famous museums. It is fair to say they know art, and with their help, you can, too. This free video course provided on the Louvre’s website gives you an introduction in different elements of art. Whether you’re a fan of sculptures or paintings, the course can help you appreciate art better. Learn about composition in a painting, the painting’s viewpoint, perspective, and the basics of sculptures in clear videos.

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