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2021 Picture Frame Trends

2021 Picture Frame Trends

Published on July, 03 2021 by Emily Jasper

2021 Picture Frame Trends

Hanging pictures in your home is like accessorizing an outfit—it complements and completes the décor, and can in fact, elevate it, adding sophistication, personality and charm to even a plain box house. But like everything else, frame styles go in and out of favor. Here’s what designers are seeing for 2021.

New Materials and Pops of Color

Use of colored frames that are used as a collection (for example, all red frames with white mattes). It makes the item that is framed really pop.

Not Going Anywhere: Black and White

Stick to the traditional exhibition format of white or off-white beveled mats in a dark or black frame, which is largely used for black and white photos. It’s a traditional approach to framing fine art photographs. It’s neutral, doesn’t distract from the image, and suggests a seriousness of intent.

If your image is in color, a white frame is most substituted for a black one, he notes.

Gallery Walls in Unexpected Places

Mixing it up is the best way to showcase who you are and what you like all on one wall.
Show your personality and turn the most boring space into something great.
Wraparound gallery walls (above)—with the pictures continuing around a corner—are a new way to hang them.
 a black one, he notes.

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