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7 Tips to Photograph Fall

7 Tips to Photograph Fall

Published on August, 20 2021 by Emily Jasper

7 Tips to Photograph Fall

It’s (arguably) the most wonderful time of the year: the air cools, the leaves change, and we head outside to capture the kind of photos that we return to all year. Inspired by this transition of seasons, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips to capture these once-in-a-year photos.

Tip 01: Look Up

There’s no denying it: this season is marked by an abundance of color. To find new perspective, locate a tree that catches your eye and get low to the ground — framing the leaves of the tree against the sky. The blues and grays above will isolate the colors of the tree, and you'll walk away with an appreciation for keeping your eyes on the sky.

Take Action
1. Look for a colorful tree
2. Make sure you're low to the ground
3. Frame the tree against the sky

Tip 02: Find Fog

While the cooler air takes over, the fog starts to settle in — which leads to those moody photos we wait all year for. The fog itself softens the scene, making everything in front of it stand out. With this in mind, find an object in the foreground (like the boat and bridge pictured above) to help create depth in the image. The fog also tends to diffuse light, so you might need to edit the photo in a way that adds saturation back.

Take Action
1. Find an object in the foreground
2. Tap to expose on the object
3. Edit to increase saturation

Tip 03: maximize Movement

Those split-second moments of movement will stand out even more with nature's best backdrop. Put your phone in "burst" mode and press the shutter continually — your pup running, car moving, or heartening reaction will be captured in no time.

Take Action
1. Frame your subject against a background of color
2. Quickly swipe left on your phone to put it in camera mode
3. Change into burst mode & continually press the shutter

Tip 04: Elevate Yourself

Landscapes dramatically change during this time of the year, and the best spot to pay witness to this transition is from a bird's-eye-view. Get up high (by finding a rooftop, peak of a mountain, windy mountain road), and you'll have the best vantage point of the canvas of color that's below you. Once you're above the trees, tap to focus on the landscape. Then, drag the sun icon down to decrease the exposure (as there will be a lot of light coming through your lens!).

Take Action
1. Get above the trees
2. Tap on the landscape to focus and drag down the exposure
3. Edit to increase saturation if needed

Tip 05: Make a Mirror

With lower light and grey skies, water tends to reflect more easily. As the sun dips, shadows become more powerful and reflections become clearer. Head out to the water's edge to practice, and make sure you increase the contrast after you snap the photo (the details will be more clear).

Take Action
1. Get to the water’s edge
2. Tap to focus on the water
3. Edit to increase contrast

Tip 06: Frame the Shot

Whether it be your trusted outdoor sleeping spot or favorite mountain road, you'll want to remember the experiences that filled your season. Prioritize framing your shot with these details in the picture; you'll add character to your photos and fill your camera roll with an archival of your days.

Take Action
1. Frame your object within the subject (keep in mind rules of thirds!)
2. Tap on the object to focus
3. Snap away

Tip 07: Look for Falling Light

As the days become shorter, the golden hour becomes a little Pay attention to this fleeting light, looking for all of the ways it falls on the surrounding landscape. It might be grazing the peaks of a mountain, filtering through the trees, or plummeting between a valley. No matter how it falls, make sure you capture it.

Take Action
1. Look for where the light is starting to fall
2. Tap below the light to properly expose
3. Once editing, add contrast and bump up the exposure a tad

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