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Photo Collage Ideas

Photo Collage Ideas

Published on October, 15 2021 by Emily Jasper

Photo Collage Ideas – Pictures speaks a great language for your most beautiful and memorable moments of your life. With smartphones in hands, it’s not difficult to capture every special memory in seconds. 

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
A photo collage is one of the best ways to show more, in one frame. It is inexpensive beautiful decoration to your house. Furthermore, it can be also a memorable gift you can present to your family, friends, or loved one. It can bring back sweet memoirs every time you walk and see the wall of memories you have at home.

Find out the best photo collage ideas and style inspiration for your home!

Wall Picture Frames

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Either you are on the frame side or frame-less side, wall picture still have its own aesthetic if you put it at the right spot with the perfect combination.

If you are looking for perfect photo collage ideas for your wall then it is the answer! Rectangular wall decoration is a perfect stuff to put at every part of the house. It can be placed in the living room, bedroom, stair wall, and other places. Moreover, it is also very easy to make with our Print & Frame. The grid can be customized according to your taste and number of photos available.

Fall Style Photo Collage

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Fall colors of leaves and family fun can refresh your mind and soul. It is a beautiful color scheme decoration for your family room or living room. Try our Mat Designer to design your perfect photo collage with as many opening, sizes and mats that you can imagine!

Classic Style Collage

When you are tired of the modern and sophisticated look, you can try this classic and vintage vibe wall decoration. It is best to use neutral color for the wall painting such as grey and white then place monochrome photos on it.

Framed Foyer

Create this right inside your foyer for all your guests to be welcomed by. 

Go Big with a Series of Wall Art

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
We may have discussed it before in our photo collage ideas, but it looks pretty lovely to create a photo collage on the wall with some big prints. Especially if you have a massive wall in your living space. 

You can use either canvas prints or mounted prints to create this big photo collage with our Print & Frame. Or if you’d like a more refined look, then photo frames will be perfect for you. 

It would be even better if you have a specific theme or color scheme for your photo collage. That would be a treat for anyone seeing your wall!

Office Collage Ideas

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Your workspace is a place where your imagination flows, so adding creativity will help with motivation. Adding your favorite sport teams also creates comradery with fellow employees. 

Keep in mind you can mix and match any photos you’d like, as well as throw in inspiring quotes for those Monday blues.

Living Room Collage Ideas

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
For a welcoming living room area, find images that will bring color to your space. Vacation scenery, family photos and pet illustrations are a fun way to bring joy to any room.

Kids’ Room Collage Ideas

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
For a kid’s area, it’s important to create a lively and happy atmosphere. Adding past and present pictures to a room creates a sense of nostalgia and a warmth that will make them feel at home. Get inspired by these ideas below.

Bedroom Collage Ideas

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Bedrooms are a haven and a place to wind down after a long day to get some rest. Vacation photos, besties, pictures of your kids and beautiful illustrations are a sweet way to incorporate dreamy scenes into your bedroom aura. 

Photo Collages Make Great Gifts

Frames by mail blogs | Photo Collage Ideas
Photo collages also make excellent gifts for birthdays, weddings and holidays. Create one online or fill a frame with memories the recipient will appreciate. You can even include extra photos so that your loved one has options to switch up the decor. Because photo collages work in any room, this personalized gift is one you know will be used and treasured. Once you find the perfect inspiration for your photo collage, it’s time to break out the hammer and nails! Don’t worry—hanging prints and photos doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out this tutorial on how to hang your pictures without nails before getting started, and you’ll have a wall full of special memories in no time with no holes in your walls!

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