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Holiday Decor with Frames

Holiday Decor with Frames

Published on December, 01 2021 by Emily Jasper

Year after year, people haul out the same holiday decorations from the attic, basement, or storage — garlands, candles, bows and other knickknacks that have probably seen better days. This year, instead of relying on those ho-hum  decorations, make your own fresh and inviting holiday décor with picture frames. Add holiday cheer to your walls with these quick and easy art projects. Same old Christmas decorations? Creative use of picture frames can enhance your home for the holiday season. Think outside the box to add some personality and sophistication to your rooms! Here are some fun ideas for you to try!

Frame & Ornament Display

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Thread a glass ball onto a narrow length of ribbon or cut out your own snowflakes and hang with a piece of ribbon. Try hanging a Christmas wreath to a picture frame. Tie the ends together and tack to the back of a wooden picture frame so the ball hangs in the middle. Hang the frame on the wall from a pretty ribbon tied in a secure bow. You can also try Christmas lights! Use rustic picture frames for rustic wreaths and a farmhouse style. Gold frames contrast the greens in the ferns and
wreaths, too.

Family Picture Frames

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Why not pull out those old family photos and pick a few to frame? Framing those old photos allows you to share the stories of family members, and times forgotten. At Frames by Mail, we love looking at old family photos, and we love custom framing them even more! You can create your own photo collage of old photos on your wall, it can become a conversation piece; put it in an entry way, or a hall way, and watch guests cluster around them. Framing your photos in different frames in the same color, gives them a feeling of an heirloom collection that may have been passed down from generation to generation. Frames by Mail Mat Designer will let you choose your own frame, mat color and as many as mat openings and arrangements that you can think of!

Upload your photos to our Print & Frame, and remember: even though great aunt Honey is no longer here in person, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have her hanging around to watch over you!

Christmas Entryway Gallery Wall

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Gallery walls are a trendy way to fill a big space with a variety of elements. If you love the look, why not create one with a Christmas theme? Gather elements you love, hang them in a pleasing arrangement, and you’re all set for the holidays. This is your chance to have fun with green metal picture frames

Bright and Cheery Holiday Mantel

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Give your mantel a holiday makeover with colorful stockings, ball ornaments, and of course presents! Wrap an artist’s canvas in wrapping paper and tie with a ribbon. Hang for an easy piece of artwork. Fill glass vases with ornaments. Finish off the display by hanging garland and stockings with care.

Turn Greeting Cards into Wall Art

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Greeting cards may have sentimental value, but keeping them can lead to unnecessary clutter. If you don't feel comfortable throwing them away, turn them into wall art rather than putting them away in storage. Greeting cards are hugely versatile and make an ideal material for craft and art projects. If you're looking for ways to decorate bland spaces in your home, greeting card wall art can add color and texture to your rooms.

Cut out a combination of meaningful images and messages from some of your favorite greeting cards. Use shaped-blade scissors to cut interesting borders. With ordinary plain scissors, cut a zig-zag around the sections you want to use. Compile
your images and messages together and stick them onto the backing of a picture frame using a glue stick. Overlap portions to create an individualistic look. Place the glass and backing back into the frame. Reinsert the glazier points, flat-side down, by gently pushing them with a flat-head screwdriver. If they need encouragement, gently tap the back of the screwdriver with a hammer. Black picture frames compliment any colored greeting card!

Holiday Shadowboxes

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
If you love crafting during the holidays this is a fun easy decoration that doesn’t cost a ton or take a long time to make. The project can be done is a variety of variations and can be personalized. An easy holiday shadowbox is something that will bring the magic of Christmas right into your home in 30 minutes or less.

Chocolate & Cash Shadowbox

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Have a niece or nephew who is impossible to buy gifts for? This year, instead of just giving them cash, make a chocolate and cash shadowbox. It will seem more thoughtful than just cash in an envelope, and they will absolutely love it.
It was really easy to make - just a couple of quick steps.

1. Purchase a shadow box frame from Frames by Mail.

2. Buy chocolates. Yum! A mix of small, medium and large chocolate blocks worked best.

3. Open the frame (as though you would if putting a photo inside). Take the cardboard backing out and cover it in gift wrap. This helps to fill in any small gaps left when you place the chocolates on top.

4. Arrange the chocolates to cover all the gaps. It was a bit like playing Tetris. Stick them down to the cardboard backing (which you’ve covered in gift wrap) with double sided tape - or regular sticky tape rolled in to a circle if you don’t have any double sided tape. That’s what I did and it worked fine.

Picture Frame Christmas Ornaments

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Sentimental holiday decor—like , passed-down needlepoint stockings, or old-school Santa figurines—bring even more joy to the holiday season. Spread those ear-to-ear grins all the way to the tree—literally. After you've trimmed the twinkling lights and glittery garlands, hang ornaments that showcase loved ones' smiling faces. Photo frame ornaments are a creative solution for adding a personalized, sentimental touch to your holiday decor. Find customizable options to celebrate the year's momentous occasions—like a first day of school or a first driver's license or a first Christmas as a married couple. Don't forget about the furry four-legged members of the family; there are plenty of options for showcasing the slobbery smiles of our beloved pets among the branches. Photo frame ornaments also make special gifts for family and friends; make ornament exchanges a new tradition, so your custom collections can grow year after year.

Picture Frames into a Holiday Serving Tray

Frames by mail blogs | Holiday Decor with Frames
Trays used to be purely functional, but they have made their way into decorations. Picture frame serving trays are just full of home decor ideas. It’s just one more little place you get to decorate and make my own. Have a tray in almost every room in your house. The best thing about turning a picture frame into a tray is how unique it can be, and you can make it fit into any decor with just a few changes. Now is your chance to go crazy with red picture frames!

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